Bernie Sanders Blasts Disgraceful GOP While Joining Lawsuit Against AZ Voter Suppression

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has joined with the DNC and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in a lawsuit against the voter suppression tactics of Arizona Republicans.

In a statement, Sanders said, “The handling of the primary election in Arizona was a disgrace. People should not have to wait in line for five hours to vote. How many people were turned away? What happened in Arizona is part of a pattern of voter disenfranchisement by Republicans.”

The entire Democratic Party has come together to sue Arizona Republican election officials for their voter suppression tactics.
The federal lawsuit was described as, “The Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are filing a joint lawsuit in the United States District Court of Arizona on Friday on behalf of voters affected by voting irregularities resulting from the actions of state officials. The suit is a response to decisions that caused extremely long lines and needlessly disenfranchised voters, especially minority voters, during the state’s March 22nd presidential primary election, and includes affected voters, Former Chairman and First President of the Navajo Nation Peterson Zah, the Arizona Democratic Party, and the Ann Kirkpatrick for Senate campaign as plaintiffs.”

The message being sent is clear. Democrats are not going to allow Republicans to disenfranchise millions of voters in an attempt to rig the electorate in their favor. It has now become a tradition that every four years, Republicans will try to make sure that as many voters as possible can’t cast their ballots.

Voter suppression is a key component of the Republican plan to undermine American elections. Bernie Sanders got it right. The practice is disgraceful. Voter suppression tactics are undemocratic and go against the core principles that our nation was founded on. The unity on the voter suppression lawsuit is also letting the world know that come November the Democratic Party will be united and strong.

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