Hillary Clinton Praises Ruling Allowing Sandy Hook Families To Sue Gunmaker

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is praising a decision by a Connecticut judge to allow the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre to sue the gun manufacturer.

After Judge Barbara Bellis denied a motion from the gun manufacturers to dismiss a case brought by the families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims, Hillary Clinton said, “Today’s ruling in Connecticut is an important step forward for these families, who are bravely fighting to hold irresponsible gun makers accountable for their actions. They deserve their day in court. Period. Unfortunately, PLCAA – the sweeping immunity law that protects gun manufacturers and dealers – still remains a major obstacle for these families and others seeking to hold these gun companies accountable. That is why, as president, I would lead the charge to repeal this law. Nothing can make these families whole again after losing their children and loved ones in Sandy Hook, but they deserve a president who will fight for them, and I am committed to doing just that.”

The presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders has yet to release a statement on the decision, but in the past Sanders has said that he is not in favor of the gun manufacturers being sued for selling a legal product.

Gun policy has been a major point of difference between the two Democratic presidential campaigns. It is a near certainty that this topic will be brought up at the CNN Democratic debate.

The Sandy Hook families deserve justice. The American people should not sit back and accept the slaughter of children as the new normal, and the Judge’s ruling is a step towards holding the gun manufacturers accountable for the products that they produce and sell.