Clinton May Have Earned More With One Wall St Speech Than Sanders Made In A Year


In 2014, Bernie Sanders earned just over $200,000 for the year. In contrast, it is being reported that Hillary Clinton was paid more than Sanders earned for one Wall Street speech.

The conservative Weekly Standard compared data from The Washington Post and CNN and concluded, “Bernie Sanders reportedly earned just over $200,000 in 2014. That same year, Hillary Clinton, Sanders’s top Democratic rival, gave about 45 paid speeches, many of which paid her more in a single hour than Sanders made the entire year.”

The Weekly Standard used Sanders earnings data that was reported in The Washington Post, and a CNN report of what Hillary Clinton was paid for her private speeches to conclude that the former Sec. of State made more in an hour in 2014 than Sen. Sanders made in a year.


This conclusion comes from a conservative website that would love nothing more than to boost Bernie Sanders in the hope that a long primary fight will wound Hillary Clinton ahead of a likely general election matchup with the Republican nominee. The Weekly Standard story will have no play in the general election if the Democratic nominee is Clinton and the Republican nominee is Trump or Cruz.

The conclusion that the Clintons have made a lot of money compared to Bernie and Jane Sanders is interesting, but also intentionally designed to fuel the fighting between Clinton and Sanders supporters. There have been lots of rich Democrats who were great presidents. Franklin Roosevelt and LBJ were both wealthy when elected.

Republicans are trying to meddle in the Democratic primary, and it will be up to Democratic primary voters to decide how they feel about the wealth disparity between the two candidates.