O’Reilly Says Making Up With Megyn Kelly Will Fix Trump’s Approval Rating with Women

Earlier, I wrote about how Bill O’Reilly and his guest, political pundit Bernie Goldberg, argued away Donald Trump’s racism. But that was not the only surprising event on Thursday’s O’Reilly Factor. As much of a surprise was O’Reilly’s startling pronouncement that,

“Among women, 24 percent favorable among the ladies, 75 percent unfavorable. So that’s hold firm, but now that Trump is friends with Megyn Kelly again, this has gotta go way down, right?”

Yes, it was reported by Kelly Wednesday on The Kelly File, that she met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower for an hour as a “chance to clear the air.” A meeting requested not by Trump of course, but by Kelly.

Watch Kelly’s account courtesy of Fox News Insider:

In Trump’s version, as told to Sean Hannity amid boos directed at Kelly, she was “very very nice,” and, “Maybe it was time — or maybe she felt it was time. And by the way, I give her a lot of credit for doing what she did.” (entire interview here, Trump on Kelly at 30 minute mark)

How magnanimous.

Of course, despite Trump’s revelation at the CNN town hall Tuesday, that his family wants him to behave in a more “presidential” manner, it wasn’t Trump who reached out to Kelly after directing every slur imaginable at her simply because she asked him questions.

And yes, Trump told Hannity that “it’s all false” that he’s racist and sexist.

Now O’Reilly laughed as he spoke, and it is always possible he was sharing an amused reaction to the GOP’s catastrohpic demographics where just about everybody but Fox News’ “White Christian Americans” are concerned. If it was not that, then we are apparently at a point where Fox News’ biased female lead, Megyn Kelly, is the barometer for all women in the United States.

If she likes Trump, all women will like Trump, and if Trump likes her, apparently Trump likes all women. It’s remarkable. A joke would be apropos. Because Donald Trump. Because GOP. Because Fox News.

Goldberg called this an “unfavorable that’s off the charts” and admitted “this can’t end well” for the Republican Party if the numbers hold. And there is no reason to suppose they won’t given Trump’s refusal to “moderate” his tone. Time will tell.

The problem for the Trump campaign is that not only is Kelly not the barometer for all American women (far from it in fact), but it is too late to repair the damage already done.

Even if the Republican establishment rallied behind Trump at this point, these demographic problems – not to mention Sarah Palin – will remain.