Republicans Fall Apart As All Talk No Action Paul Ryan Fails To Pass Budget


Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), who inherited his Speakership and made grand promises of his leadership returning the House to “regular order”, has fallen flat on his face as the House was unable to pass a budget by the April 15th deadline, as mandated by law.

The budget Republican leadership was trying to pass made cuts to to mandatory spending, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP. Not good enough.

While Democrats have done all they could to assist former Speaker Boehner (R-OH) and now Speaker Ryan when their own party refused to work, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) won’t be rushing to assist Ryan pass his ‘Road to Ruin’ budget. So he is left with his own party, with the same folks who caused the government shutdown in 2013 now trolling Ryan’s 2017 budget.

Nancy Pelosi was not impressed, but not just because Republicans missed the deadline (both parties have done this and both parties have failed to pass budgets), but because of why they missed the deadline. Pelosi said in a statement, “(T)he Republican Leadership proposed the most devastating Ryan ‘Road to Ruin’ budget in history, and even that wasn’t brutal enough for the radical forces that have taken control of the House GOP.”


Why is Pelosi being so harsh? “This budget that would have ended the Medicare guarantee and demanded $6.5 trillion in cuts was too mild for House Republicans. This is the cruel reality of the Republican Congress today: a Ryan Budget that severe, that destructive to working families doesn’t go far enough to pass in the Republican majority.”

This is the same budgetary drama the Republican-led House of Representatives has been struggling with in recent years. They can’t get anything done because even when they are super cruel to the vulnerable with their budgets, the radical right objects because it’s not brutal enough.

Paul Ryan brought the lofty promises of the naive, but when it came time to deliver, all he had on his plate was empty promises, chaos, and inexcusable dysfunction.

All is not lost for the nation because John Boehner did a solid on his way out of dodge by negotiating a two-year fiscal deal, however Republicans won’t be able to do anything about the dozen annual appropriations bills — aka, “regular order”. That’s a no to regular order.

Paul Ryan said he could do what John Boehner could not, and yet he is relying on an accomplishment of Boehner to save his political hide. Republicans mocked Democrats when they couldn’t pass a budget, and ran a No Budget, No Pay campaign against them. Any takers on that now, after years of Republican-led failure?

Speaker Ryan is the guy Republicans want to run as their 2016 presidential candidate. The Republican attraction to failure boggles the mind.