Sarah Palin Resurfaces To Ensure That Everyone In America Hates The Republican Party

In DC to promote the anti-science propaganda film “Climate Hustle”, Sarah Palin railed against the Republican establishment, vowing that voters would “rise up” in opposition if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz are not nominated at the Republican convention. It’s a revolution!

Speaking to the Associated Press in an interview, the former half-term Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate promised a revolt unless Trump or Cruz got the nod and added, “How dare they?”

Palin denounced “arrogant political operatives who underestimate the wisdom of the people.”

Sarah Palin called some Republican party leaders “snakes”, telling the AP, “There are some snakes in there. I’ve had to deal with the political machinery my whole career.”

Palin suggested that party leaders won’t invite her to Cleveland because they are afraid of what she would say, so she might have to invite herself to the party.

Palin is probably right about party leaders not wanting her in Cleveland, but they aren’t afraid she’s going to lead a revolution. Party leaders are embarrassed by Palin and would prefer to distance themselves from the reminder that they presented this person as ready to be President.

This reminder will be especially painful for Republicans as they seek to shut down this season’s Sarah Palin, the twin GOP down ticket disasters of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Never in modern American politics has a political party contained such a group of unlikable characters all under one roof.

Way back in 2011, Gallup found that Sarah Palin was the most hated politician in America, “Palin is so unpopular that Donald Trump is more popular than she is. Trump had an approval rating nearly ten percent higher than Palin’s (37%-28%). Trump’s unfavorable rating was 17 points better than Palin’s (43%-60%). The only person with a lower favorability rating than Sarah Palin was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who had a 22% favorable rating, but 50% of Americans didn’t know who he was.”

Five years ago, Donald Trump had a 60% unfavorable rating. Today, Trump’s unfavorable rating is 69%. Ted Cruz has a 60% unfavorable rating. Sarah Palin is set to lead a rebellion unless the Republican Party gives their presidential nomination to one of the two candidates who is as despised as she is.

Just in case anybody thought that there was any hope for the GOP, Sarah Palin has arrived on the scene to ring those bells and fire those guns in an attempt to remind the American people of exactly why they can’t stand the Republican Party.

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