Donald Trump Busted For Lying About The Number Of People At His Syracuse Rally

During Donald Trump’s rally in Syracuse this afternoon at the Oncenter Convention Center, the 2016 Republican frontrunner said there were thousands waiting to get inside, but according to an onsite report, the only people left outside were protesters.

According to reporter Chris Baker:

Here’s a view from above to give a fair sense of the crowd:

Here’s picture taken just 45ish minutes before Trump said that:

And here are protesters outside of the rally chanting, “Dump Trump the Fascist Chump!” They don’t seem like fans.

They also don’t seem anywhere close to thousands.

So there weren’t thousands outside at all, and the people who were outside were not waiting to get in because they were not Donald Trump fans. The people outside were protesters.

Donald Trump has rules that the media has to keep the camera on his face at all time, they aren’t allowed to show the crowd. That doesn’t stop Trump from telling his true believers that the media won’t show the crowd because they are against him.

Donald Trump is the great Oz, a little man full of delusion and capable of great illusion. Donald Trump has been setting up his faux White House set in convention centers across this country, but that doesn’t mean he’s anywhere near being elected to preside in the actual White House. This is the man who told a reporter on film that he owned all of the Empire State Building. If it feeds his immediate ego needs, it’s real to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is leading in the Republican primary for a reason, and it’s not because the Republican base loves reality.