Trump Brownshirts Remove Dozens Of Protesters From Un-American New York Rally

Free speech hating Donald Trump had dozens of protesters removed from his rally in Syracuse, NY.

Donald Trump went semi-quiet for a few days, leading pundits to suggest that he was regrouping and toning it down to win.

Maybe. But “toning it down” translates to dozens of protesters being removed from his rally today, during which he claimed to be such a uniter, “Hispanic! We love Hispanic. Hispanics are going- you have to see the poll. I won in Nevada.”

Video of Trump’s Syracuse rally:

Donald Trump really is the master at saying nothing, because if you reread that you see he suggests a lot by tying sentences and thoughts together but he never actually says much.

Another protester removed:

Trump brought his usual message of hate and division along with a dose of old bitter white male conservative feeling that America sucks to Syracuse. The actions by Trump at this rally are a good reminder that what Donald Trump is campaigning on is fundamentally un-American. The subtext of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is that he is going to “make America great again” by taking steps that would give rich white men like Trump even more power.

Donald Trump doesn’t represent the future of America. Trump is the loud final howl of the dying white conservative male. Donald Trump can only deny reality for so long. The dozens of protesters he had removed in Syracuse are the diverse face of the nation’s future.

Trump may be able to execute a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, but the White House is one asset that Donald J. Trump will never be able to acquire.