Bernie Sanders Accuses Hillary Clinton And DNC Of Violating Campaign Finance Laws

In a letter to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bernie 2016 claimed the fundraising agreement between the Hillary For America and the DNC is illegal.

The letter stated in part:

What the Sanders campaign is accusing the Clinton campaign and the DNC of engaging in is a very serious campaign finance violation. The Sanders campaign is suggesting that Hillary For America is receiving an illegal in-kind benefit from the DNC and participating state Democratic Party committees.

The issue of campaign finance is one that Sen. Sanders has been hammering home on the campaign. The way that each campaign fundraises is a key point of distinction between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton is using the traditional fundraising model along with the tools of the post-Citizens United fundraising landscape. Sanders has been raising his money strictly from small individual donors.

Sanders is accusing Hillary For America and the DNC of setting up a joint fundraising system that skirts existing campaign finance laws. It is important to note that Bernie 2016 has not filed a complaint with FEC. The campaign has also not called for an FEC investigation into their allegations. The Sanders campaign wants Hillary For America and the DNC to stop joint fundraising.

The Sanders accusations highlight the dirtiness of the current campaign finance system. If the United States had public funding of elections or a spending limit, the dirty money would be removed from our system. No matter which candidate they support, the one point that every Democrat agrees on is that Citizens United has got to go.