Bernie Sanders Says A New York Loss Doesn’t Matter, He’s Going All The Way

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is vowing to take his presidential campaign through the California primary and to the Democratic convention, no matter if he loses the Democratic primary in New York.

Video from CBS This Morning:

Sanders was asked by Charlie Rose what implications a New York loss would have for his campaign.

The Senator from Vermont answered, “We’re going all the way. We’re going all the way through California. We’re going into the convention in Philadelphia. We think we have a path toward victory, and we’re going to fight for every single vote that’s out there.”

On NBC’s Today, Sanders said that the pundits are wrong that his campaign can’t win if he loses New York.

Video of Sanders on Today:

Sanders said, “Those are the public polls, but the bottom line is let’s look at the real poll tomorrow. Generally speaking, polling has underestimated how we do in elections. We were twenty-five points down in Michigan. We ended up winning Michigan, but the main point is, I think, we have a message that is resonating all over this country. We have enthusiasm. We have energy. People understand that it’s too late for establishment politics and economics. They want real change in this country. They want leadership to stand up to the billionaire class that’s what we are providing.”

Sen. Sanders was able to win in Michigan due to a surprisingly high Independent turnout. He isn’t going to have that advantage in New York, but he is correct on one big point. The only poll that matters is tomorrow. No one should be writing the political obituary for the Sanders campaign until Hillary Clinton clinches the Democratic nomination.

Sanders would be letting down the millions of people who are spending their hard earned money to fund his campaign if he dropped out before all the votes were counted. Sen. Sanders does have an important message to deliver, and he has a right to take that message through to the Democratic convention.