Massive Blocks Long Line Forms To See Bernie Sanders At Penn State

A massive blocks long line has formed as a huge crowd has gathered outside of already filled Rec Hall for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ rally on the campus of Penn State.

PoliticusUSA’s Dominic and Joshua Maines are live at the rally, and reporting that Rec Hall is already filled, and the line for entry into the venue stretches for blocks.


Photo via PoliticusUSA's Dominic Maines.
Photo via PoliticusUSA’s Dominic Maines.

Here is a pic of Bernie and Jane Sanders walking through the Penn State campus:

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell tweeted video of the crowd waiting outside to get in:

The Sanders campaign is sticking to their strategy of moving forward to their next targeted state on primary election day. Sanders may be looking for a bounce back boost depending on how the voting goes for him in the campaign, but one thing is certain young voters across the country remain motivated and fired up to support Sen. Sanders.

Sanders will need a big student turnout across the state of Pennsylvania, and his first step in a week long get out the vote sprint begins at Penn State tonight.