Trump Reminds America That He Is Completely Insane In New York Victory Speech

After winning the New York Republican primary, Donald Trump reminded America that he is nuts by giving the nation a looney victory speech.


Trump took the stage and told America that he was not going just make America great again. He was going to make America great again, legitimately.

Donald Trump has been laying low since his Wisconsin loss, and Trump’s speech was useful because it reminded the country that the Republican frontrunner is completely nuts.

At one point, Trump started ranting about one of his rich friends who was building a big building in New York. Trump promised that nobody was going to mess with America anymore. Trump continued by claiming that Obamacare will die of suicide. Donald Trump vowed that local communities will take care of education while completely ignoring that states and localities already are taking care of education.

In case anyone had forgotten, Donald Trump gave a quick little speech that reminded every single voter in the United States that he not sane. Trump said that he expects to have big weeks coming up because the states on the upcoming primary calendar are in big trouble. Trump also anointed himself an expert on the economy and jobs.

Donald Trump ended his speech by ranting about the Republican delegate system, and letting everyone know that this reality TV star belongs nowhere near the White House.