Here Are The Winners And Losers From The New York Primary

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won big, and the New York primary couldn’t have gone worse for Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.


1). Hillary Clinton –
Hillary Clinton didn’t just win New York. She won New York by a large margin. The main talking point for the Sanders campaign had been that he had won eight of nine of the previous contests. That perception of momentum was completely stopped dead in its tracks. Clinton leads by 20+ points at the time of publication, and she has already added 104 delegates to her total.

It is a little too soon to slam completely the door shut on the Democratic primary, but if former Sec. of State Clinton sweeps through Pennsylvania, Maryland and the three other contests next Tuesday, it will become a matter of when Hillary Clinton clinches the Democratic nomination, not if she clinches the Democratic nomination.

2). Donald Trump – Trump has been getting slaughtered at the state conventions, as he was getting outorganized by Ted Cruz, but all of that turned around with a tremendous margin of victory in New York. Trump needed this win after getting tossed out of Wisconsin on his ear. Trump is now set to go on a run of victories. Trump now has a shot to get to the magic number of 1,237 to clinch the Republican nomination. Trump did what he was expected to do, and is now set up to win in Pennsylvania and Maryland next Tuesday.


1). Bernie Sanders – Sen. Sanders said that he needed New York. Sanders made the state a key part of his comeback strategy. It was clear that Sanders not only had to win New York, but he had to win the state by a wide margin. Sen. Sanders did neither. Instead of winning, it is possible that he will be blown out. The road ahead is equally tough for Sanders. Clinton is favored in Pennsylvania. She is up by more than twenty in Maryland, and with next week’s races being closed Democratic primaries, the odds are strong that Sanders could be facing a series of losses.

Bernie Sanders is going to stay in the Democratic race until the very end, but his campaign is looking more like a message campaign after the drubbing that he may be taking in New York.

2). John Kasich – John Kasich finished second in the New York Republican primary because his name is not Ted Cruz. Kasich’s distant second place finish in New York will be more a byproduct of the state’s hatred for Cruz than any sign of Kasich momentum. Kasich is hanging around and hoping for a contested convention. The best outcome for Kasich is that he might win delegates by doing very well in Manhattan.

3). Ted Cruz –
Cruz could never get past his “New York values” comment. Sen. Cruz never had a chance in hell of winning in New York. The sentiment of New York was perfectly summed up by the newspaper headline that welcomed him to New York City, “Take The FU Train, Ted.” There really aren’t better days ahead for Ted Cruz. Sen. Cruz’s sole mission now is to make sure that Donald Trump won’t be able to clinch the Republican nomination on the first ballot in Cleveland.

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