In Response To Hillary Clinton Win, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Push Trump Propaganda

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in New York, so CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC responded by pushing pro-Trump propaganda.

Here is a collection of clips of MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN all referring to Trump as presidential after his deranged victory speech in New York.
Video via Media Matters:

Apparently, the cable news standard for “President Trump” is not personally insulting people and keeping his usually rambling gibberish under an hour. As I wrote last night, the substance of Trump’s speech involved a claim that he was going to make America “legitimately” great again, while claiming that Obamacare would commit political suicide, and making more vague promises that he is going to take care of vets while expanding the military.

Hillary Clinton, who had a legitimate challenger in her New York Democratic primary, gave a speech that was very presidential. However, the cable news networks, while covering her speech live instead of tape delaying it, did not bother to dissect the intelligent and thoughtful vision for the country that Clinton offered.

What the above collection of clips demonstrates is that MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN have sold out objective journalism to chase a Donald Trump fueled ratings cash grab. The desperate corporate media views Trump as their only chance of a presidential election that will contain entertainment and big ratings.

The repeated claim that Trump looked presidential was talking point from the Trump campaign that all surrogates of the Republican frontrunner used to describe his performance on Tuesday.

The Democratic nominee will not only be facing a Republican opponent in the fall but an establishment media that is pro-Trump. The fact that the media is trying to sell Donald Trump as presidential is proof that Democrats can’t count on fair and objective coverage of their nominee. The media has gone from giving Donald Trump a free pass to openly helping his campaign.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, she will not only have to defeat Donald Trump, but also a biased pro-Trump media.’