Elizabeth Warren For VP Possible As Clinton Hints At Clinton/Warren Dream Ticket

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairmen John Podesta hinted that women are being considered to Clinton’s running mate, and immediately lit the speculation that a dream ticket with Elizabeth Warren is possible.

Just to make the hint a bit more obvious, The Boston Globe reported:

Hillary Clinton’s short list of vice presidential options will include a woman, a top campaign official said in an interview — creating the possibility of an all-female ticket emerging from the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Clinton wants “the best person to make the case to the American people,” her campaign chairman, John Podesta, told the Globe. “We’ll start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it. But there is no question that there will be women on that list,” he said, adding that staffers are still focused on clinching the primary.

One of the top officials in Hillary Clinton’s campaign told a newspaper in Elizabeth Warren’s home state that women will be on their running mate list, so it is clear which woman Podesta could be referring to.

However, the Democratic Party has so many qualified women that one could make an entire list of VP candidates consisting of only women, so this is definitely not a Warren or bust situation.

If Republicans nominate Donald Trump, the conventional wisdom that two women couldn’t be on the Democratic ticket together will be thrown out the window. Trump is so unpopular and likely to pick another man to be his VP. Clinton could have the ability choose any Democrat that she wants. Traditional considerations like gender and geography may not matter.

Former Sec. of State Clinton has struggled with progressive voters in the primary, so it makes perfect sense that she might seek to form an ideological unity ticket that would bring all spectrums of the Democratic Party into the campaign. Since Bernie Sanders may not be a realistic option for VP due to age and the divide between the two on campaign financing, Sen. Warren would be the perfect choice if Clinton decides that she wants to add a progressive to the ticket.

The Democratic frontrunner also has the advantage of time. The Republican convention is earlier than the Democratic convention. Clinton could sit back and wait to see who Republicans nominate before making her VP selection. The chaos in the Republican primary could work to Clinton’s advantage.

Sen. Warren has met with and provided advice to Clinton in the past, and she did sign a letter encouraging Clinton to run. Warren is not a Clinton opponent, and her refusal to endorse in the Democratic primary could be viewed as an asset to Clinton in the fall campaign.

There is also no indication that Elizabeth Warren would not take the number two spot on the ticket it was offered to her. Elizabeth Warren on the Democratic ticket makes perfect sense, which is why it probably won’t happen, but if Clinton wants a progressive fighter on the ticket with her, Sen. Warren would be an outstanding choice.