Sanders Talks Hopes For Clinton Platform As Democrats Take Big Step Towards Unity

Democrats are moving towards unity. In an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders outlined what he wants to see in the Democratic platform.

Clip from NBC’s Nightly News:

Here is what Sanders said when asked if he would tell his young supporters to back Clinton:

Well, first of all, I’ve got to find out what her platform is, what the views are that she is going to be bringing forth, to what degree she will adopt many of the ideas that I think are extremely popular and I think very sensible.


I want to see the Democratic party have the courage to stand up to big money interests in a way that they have not in the past, take on the drug companies, take on Wall Street, take on the fossil-fuel industry, and I want to see them come up with ideas that really do excite working families and young people in this country.

Sanders also repeated his promise to stay a Democrat after the election and raise money for Democratic candidates.
It is clear that Sen. Sanders is looking to use his success in the Democratic primary to influence the party’s platform at the convention. Sanders wants to make sure that the views and voices of his supporters are heard. The approach that Sen. Sanders is taking is more than reasonable. If Hillary Clinton runs on a platform he feels he and supporters can get behind; Sanders will back Clinton very strongly.

There is no indication that Clinton would adopt a platform that Sanders wouldn’t like. In fact, Sanders had already moved Hillary Clinton’s statements more to the left than many anticipated when the primary campaign began.

These are the first steps in Bernie Sanders and his supporters uniting with Hillary Clinton and her supporters to form a unified effort to keep the White House and win back Congress. The media will never admit this, but Democrats are showing early signs of coming together quickly.

After a bumpy month, Democrats have their eyes back on the prize of victory in November.