Trump Takes Care Of Veteran By Firing Him For Getting Deployed To Afghanistan

Donald Trump’s talk of “take care of our veterans” looks like hypocritical rhetoric after it has been revealed that a Trump licensed company fired a veteran for being deployed to Afghanistan.

The Huffington Post reported on how one of Trump’s joint ventures treated a veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan, “But that’s not what the Trump Institute, a get-rich-quick real estate seminar, did for Richard Wright, a senior master sergeant in the Air Force reserves who worked for the company in 2006 and 2007. Wright was deployed to Afghanistan in the spring of 2007. When he came home to his job, the Trump Institute fired him. “All of your absences,” Wright’s boss at the Trump Institute told him, had forced the company to “reevaluate your position with the Trump Institute.” It is a violation of federal law to penalize an employee for absences caused by military service.”

Wright sued the Trump Institute for unlawful termination, and the case was settled.

The Trump Institute was a get rich scheme that Trump provided his name, image, and video endorsements for, but the Republican frontrunner has been trying to distance himself from the scam by claiming that he was not the actual owner of the company that ran the Trump Institute.

Here is an infomercial with Trump pitching the Trump Institute:

Trump has not been able to distance legally from the lawsuits associated with his various get rich schemes. Richard Wright still supports Donald Trump for president, but Trump’s willingness to put his name on a company that would illegally fire a veteran should give all vets pause. What kind of man does business with a company that would mistreat a veteran?

The next time Trump talks about taking care of vets, someone needs to ask the candidate what he really means by that statement.

The Republican presidential candidate has never displayed a public willingness to care for anyone or anything not related to Donald Trump. Veterans are still waiting for the cash that Trump promised them after he skipped a Republican presidential debate and held a “fundraiser for vets.” Outside of donating rounds of golf from his courses, Trump has shown no charitable spirit and has done nothing to help our nation’s veterans.

Donald Trump is the perfect leader for a Republican Party that has spent years blocking numerous Democratic attempts to expand veterans benefits.

Any veteran who trusts Donald Trump with their care could be making a big mistake.