Delusional Donald Trump Claims That The People Protesting Him Are A Fake Con Job

Donald Trump has demonstrated the depth of his delusions by expressing the belief that the protesters at his rallies are fake and part of a con.

As a protester was removed from Trump’s rally in Waterbury, CT, the Republican frontrunner claimed that all of the people protesting his campaign are a “con job.”


Trump said, Alright. Get him out. Get him out. That was quick. He was gone. Get him out, and he just left. You know, they had on television I was leaving, and they showed a couple of protesters. They want to Watters, good guy, Jesse. The interviewed a couple of people. Why are you here? I don’t know. And I saw it last week on television. I saw they had some protesters. They went up and interviewed them hoping for some really bad stuff. What do you think of Donald Trump? Actually, I like him very much. But you’re holding a sign. Yeah, they gave it to me. Well, why are you protesting? Honestly, I don’t know. These are the protesters. Believe me folks; it’s a whole big con job that’s being played. It’s a whole big con job.”

Donald Trump has a 70% unfavorable rating nationally, but he believes that the protesters are part of some giant con to make him look bad. Trump is completely out of touch with reality. A protester was shown being removed from the building while flipping Trump off, and Donald thinks that the guy is a part of a con to generate bad publicity for his campaign.

This is the man that Republicans are going to make the face of their party. Republicans who are running for office all across the country are going to be welded to Trump. Donald Trump thinks the protesters are people who really like him, but they are being tricked by some unnamed conspiracy into protesting him.

The media has largely given Trump a free pass, and in the process enabled Republican voters to nominate a potentially mentally ill orange blowfish as their presidential nominee.