Hillary Clinton Tells Charles Koch To Take His Fake Endorsement And Shove It

Hillary Clinton told Charles Koch that she has no interest in endorsements from people who deny climate science and make it harder for people to vote.

Charles Koch told ABC’s This Week that it is possible that Clinton could be a better president than the Republican candidates:

In response to Charles Koch saying that she may be better that the Republican presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton tweeted:

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want a fake pseudo-endorsement from a Koch brother. Koch’s comments should be viewed as an attempt to weaken Clinton’s support among Democrats. Clinton was correct. The Koch brothers are the biggest funders of the right’s effort to discredit climate science. The Koch brothers are also behind the movement to make it more difficult for people to vote.

Everyone knows that the Kochs can’t stand Donald Trump, but it will snow in hell before Charles or David Koch supports a Democrat. The Koch brothers will be running hundreds of millions of dollars of negative dark money ads against Hillary Clinton in the fall. Don’t be fooled by what Charles Koch says. Watch what the right-wing political operation that he is funding does.