Bernie Sanders Argues That Clinton Superdelegates Deserve A Chance To Change Their Minds

During an MSNBC town hall moderated by Chris Hayes, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders argued that the superdelegates that came out early in support for Hillary Clinton deserve a chance to change their minds.

Sanders said:

Let’s talk about principle. Hundreds and hundreds of superdelegates parts of the Democratic establishment voted for Hillary Clinton, or chose to come on board her campaign before I even announced by candidacy, and those people have a right to rethink the decision that they made, and if they conclude that we are the stronger campaign for a dozen different reasons that we are a stronger campaign. And by the way, this is not just talking off the top of my head virtually every poll that’s out there as you know shows that Bernie Sanders does better against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton does better against other Republican candidates. Should that be taken into consideration? Yeah, I think so.

Sen. Sanders has the right to stay in the race for as long as he wants. If Hillary Clinton wanted Sanders out of the race sooner, she should have won even more states. Sanders did not commit himself to taking the fight the whole way to the convention, so it is clear that he is going to try to flip the superdelegates, and if he fails, he will back Hillary Clinton.

However, there is no hurry for Sen. Sanders to get out of the race and the superdelegates do deserve a chance to ponder their decision. Bernie Sanders and his supporters have also earned the right to make that case.