Bombshell Poll: Nearly 20% Of Republicans Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If Trump Wins

A new Suffolk University poll has found that 19% of Republicans say they will support Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

The poll contained some numbers that should terrify Republicans. 40% of Republicans polled said that they would not support the party’s nominee if Donald Trump wins. 25% of the anti-Trump Republican vote would consider voting for a third party candidate. 19% of the never Trump Republicans would vote for Hillary Clinton, and 18% would stay home and not vote at all. By gender, 10% of men, and 9% of Republican women would vote for Clinton over Trump. 18% of very likely Republican general election voters would support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

These numbers provide just a hint of the potential devastation that nominating Donald Trump could bring to the Republican Party. If Trump’s disapproval ratings continue to climb, it is possible that he could lose half of the Republican electorate. Trump was known by 99% of the voters that were polled, so it is not likely that any kind of image makeover will be effective when he is already universally known.

The Republican Party is deeply fractured, and Donald Trump is not the candidate that will bring them together. Trump’s unpopularity will cause many Republicans to stay home, which will result in the GOP losing seats in both the House and the Senate. Trump could cost Republicans state legislatures and governor’s races across the country.

Donald Trump is a weapon of mass Republican destruction. The door is open for Hillary Clinton to build a gigantic general election coalition by attracting nearly 20% of Republicans to her campaign. One suspects that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of how bad a Donald Trump nomination will be for the Republican Party.