Federal Complaint Filed Against Ted Cruz For Breaking Campaign Finance Laws

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is being accused of multiple violations of federal campaign finance law in a new complaint filed with the FEC.

A Cruz co-chair was taped violating the law:

At a campaign fundraising event, Cruz’s co-chair urged donors to give money to an unaffiliated Cruz super PAC. The Cruz campaign also broke the law by placing and publicizing a solicitation table at the Cruz campaign event for the super PAC.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Crystal K. Perkins said in a statement:

There’s no other way to put it: Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz’s campaign broke federal election campaign laws. Soliciting donations that exceed federal limits is illegal and that is exactly what Senator Cruz’s campaign and his campaign’s National Co-Chair reportedly did at a recent campaign event.

Senator Cruz’s campaign disregarded the law and brazenly asked supporters to give both unlimited contributions and contributions from corporations to a Stand for Truth PAC supporting Senator Cruz’s campaign. This is the exact kind of corporate corruption democrats fight against every day.

The Texas Democratic Party is calling on the FEC to immediately investigate the full scope of Cruz’s violations, seek the maximum financial penalties, and enjoin future violations of the law.

The Cruz campaign is also being investigated for an illegal February fundraising letter that may have violated Texas state law.

Republicans may want to think twice before they dump Trump for Ted Cruz. Sen. Cruz comes with his own set of skeletons in the closet. Cruz has never been worried about laws or ethics. If the Republican Party dumps Trump for Cruz, they may be swapping one set of headaches for another.

Either way, Democrats are the big winners if Trump or Cruz is the Republican nominee.

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