Hillary Clinton Comes Out Swinging By Painting Trump As A Ranting Raving Demagogue

Hillary Clinton came out swinging during the MSNBC town hall and previewed a potential line of attack against Donald Trump in the fall.

Clinton’s answer on why she has plans spoke volumes about her potential line of attack on Donald Trump in the fall.

Former Sec. of State Clinton said:

You know, I know that for a long time people were saying why is she raising all these plans? You know, I mean my gosh she has a plan for everything. Actually, I think when you run for president you should tell people what you’re want to do. You shouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep. You shouldn’t just rant and rave with the Trump-like demagoguery. You should tell people what you’re going to do, because you should want people to hold you accountable for actually delivering, and that is what I’ve trying to do.

The outline is forming of strategy that will paint Trump as an empty demagogue. If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, he will not be able to run in the fact-free environment of the Republican Party.

The larger general electorate is going to what answers about what Donald Trump will do if he is elected president. Trump will no longer be able to get away with saying we are going to do stuff, and it will be great. Hillary Clinton is subtly gearing up for Donald Trump. She is laying the groundwork for a campaign where Trump is going to be placed immediately on the defensive.

Trump is about to get hit by a Clinton freight train and he seems to have no idea what is about to hit him.