GOP Becomes An Even Bigger Joke As Kasich and Trump Fight Over Pancakes and Steak

Two of the three Republican candidates for president demonstrated why the GOP has become an even bigger joke by getting into a fight over pancakes and steak.
After Trump mocked Kasich for the way he eats pancakes:

The Kasich campaign tweeted to Trump:

This is what the Republican presidential primary has come down to. A reality television star is mocking the governor of Ohio for the way that he eats pancakes. The governor responded by pointing out that Donald Trump’s steak business was a flop.

At a time when voters are concerned about the direction of the country moving forward, two of the remaining three Republican candidates for president are engaged in a food fight that has nothing to do with the issues.

The exchange between Trump and Kasich shows why no one outside of the Republican Party and the corporate media takes the GOP seriously anymore. Donald Trump has managed to turn Republicans into an even bigger joke.