Democratic Unity Explodes: More 80% Say They Will Support Clinton Or Sanders In The Fall

According to exit polling of Democratic primary voters in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut, more than 80% of Democrats said that they will support the Democratic nominee in the fall whether it is Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.
NBC News reported:

Despite the spirited and sometimes testy Democratic primary campaign, the vast majority of Democratic primary voters say they would vote for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders this fall, according to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll. Across the three states where NBC News conducted exit polls today – Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania – more than eight in 10 voters said they would definitely or probably support Clinton if she wins the nomination. Fewer than two in 10 said they would not.

Similar numbers said they would support Bernie Sanders if he wins – about eight in 10. Just two in 10 said they would not.

The numbers tell a different story on the Republican side where 63% of Kasich supporters and 41% of Cruz supporters said that they would not support Trump if he wins the nomination. 44% of Trump voters said that they would not vote for Ted Cruz is he is the nominee, and 40% of Trump voters said that they would not support John Kasich if the Ohio governor became the Democratic nominee.

If you want to understand why Democrats are favored to keep the White House in November, the easiest explanation is that they are willing to unify around either of their candidates while Donald Trump is splitting the Republican Party into two warring factions.