Donald Trump Virtually Begs Bernie Sanders To Run As An Independent In Victory Speech

Donald Trump won five Republican primaries on Tuesday, but instead of talking about policy, Trump used his national platform to urge Bernie Sanders to run as an Independent, and hand him the White House.


Trump claimed that his crowds are bigger than those of Bernie Sanders and said, “In fact, I suggested today, you probably saw, that the Democrats have treated Bernie very badly, and frankly I think he should run as an Independent. Ok. I actually do. I think they’ve treated him very badly. You know the system is a bad system whether it’s their system or our system, you look at what goes on.”

Donald Trump doesn’t care about how Bernie Sanders has been treated by the Democratic Party. Trump understands that Sanders would pull enough votes away from Hillary Clinton as an Independent to throw the election to Trump.

Sen. Sanders has repeatedly said that he will not run as an Independent or do anything that would help Trump or Cruz win the White House.

The rest of Trump’s victory speech was a rambling mess. He didn’t discuss policy. He didn’t ever give details about what he would do as president. Trump babbled about how great he will make America, the media, and Bobby Knight. What Trump didn’t do is detail exactly what he would do if he won the White House.

It is the mark of a weak candidate that he has to beg Bernie Sanders to divide the Democratic Party. Trump is showing his weakness, and Bernie Sanders won’t be fooled into running as an Independent to help Trump.