Carly Fiorina Gets Creepy By Breaking Into Song While Being Announced As Ted Cruz’s VP

Things immediately took a creepy turn at Ted Cruz’s rally announcing Carly Fiorina as his running mate, as Fiorina oddly burst into song after attacking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


After launching into an attack on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Fiorina said, “You know, Ted mentioned that it has been seven weeks since I endorsed him. I voted for him before I ever had a conversation about endorsing him, and of course, that is what you all have to do on Tuesday. Vote…for him. But we’ve been traveling around the country, and I’ve come to know Ted, and Hedi, and Caroline, and Catherine.

At this point, Fiorina started singing, “I know two girls that I just adore. I’m so happy I can see them more, cause we travel on the bus all day. We get to play. We get to play.” The song that Fiorina sang was a tune by Cruz’s daughters.

Fiorina transitioned to Ted Cruz’s fight to keep the right to bear arms. One minute, Carly is singing to the kids. The next minute she talking about guns. The whole segment had a Mary Poppins meets Hannibal Lecter vibe to it that just was not comfortable.

The fact that Ted Cruz announced a running mate for a nomination that he may never win was just one surreal tidbit sitting along the side of the road on this voyage into The Twilight Zone.

Someone needs to tell Carly Fiorina that bursting into song in the middle of a political speech where she is otherwise attacking opponents is not cute. It is creepy and jarring, but not surprisingly creepy, and jarring also just so happen to be two terms that perfectly describe the Ted Cruz presidential campaign.