Donald Trump Embarrasses Himself With Sarah Palin Level Stupid Foreign Policy Speech

Donald Trump’s major foreign policy speech was riddled with lies, inconsistencies, Fox News talking points, conspiracy theories, and hit a level of stupidity that had previous only been seen in work of Sarah Palin.

Trump said his foreign policy will always put the interests of America and the American people first. Trump said, “America first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.”

Donald Trump said that Obama’s foreign policy allowed ISIS to grow, and this was “very bad.” Trump said that it is sad that ISIS has benefited by the vacuum in the Middle East.

Trump identified five weaknesses in our foreign policy. He said that our resources were overextended. Trump said he is the only candidate who knows how to fix this, and we should believe him because he knows them all. Trump said that our allies are not contributing their fair share, and then attacked NATO. Trump threatened to make US allies pay for their own defense, or they will be left to defend themselves. Trump’s third point was that America’s friends don’t think that we like them.

Donald Trump attacked Obama and then claimed that America’s rivals no longer respect us. One of Trump’s major criticisms of Obama’s foreign policy is that President Obama failed to bring the Olympics to the United States. Trump’s last point was that America no longer has an understanding of its foreign policy goals.

Trump’s speech was a mixture of Fox News talking points, right-wing conspiracy theories, and talk radio ranting. Trump claimed that the United States has done nothing to help the Christians.

The one thing that was missing from Trump’s foreign policy speech was an actual foreign policy. Donald Trump didn’t detail a single foreign policy proposal, but he did call Hillary Clinton a liar over Benghazi.

Trump promised that everything will all change when he is elected president. Trump kept talking about a coherent foreign policy, but outside of blackmailing our allies for protection money, Trump provided no details. All Trump did was keep promising that America will win.

The Trump speech was full of contradictions. The Republican frontrunner criticized the wars in the Middle East but moments latest suggested that military force will be used against radical Islam. Trump claimed that there were dozens of hidden cases of terrorists being arrested in the United States.

Trump said that he has a plan for ISIS, but it is a secret.

Donald Trump is trying bluff his way to the White House. America has not seen a candidate this unqualified to be on the ticket since Sarah Palin in 2008. Trump knows nothing, but he is trying to trick voters into believing that he can be trusted with the powers of the Commander In Chief. Trump’s speech was a bad SNL sketch that went on for too long, but unfortunately, Donald Trump is real, and this human cartoon wants to be your next president.