Hillary Clinton Pounces After Trump Tries To Play The Anti-Woman Card

After 4 Northeastern primary wins, a cool Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to give Donald Trump a taste of her victory vigor.

Hillary Clinton tweeted a 11:54 PM, “Caught your speech, @realDonaldTrump. About that “woman’s card”…”

Clinton attached the following video:

“Mr. Trump accused me of playing the quote woman card,” Clinton is shown saying, with a grin that says the good stuff is coming.

“Well, if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in!”

And boom.

This is how Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in a general election. Donald Trump’s big electoral weakness is women. If Trump were to have to deal one-on-one with Hillary Clinton, Clinton would easily beat him with cool rejoinders based on issues she has fought for her entire career.

Donald Trump can’t help himself from knowingly rushing into the trap of his biggest weakness. Hillary Clinton has been dealing with crude vulgarians like Donald Trump for decades — who can forget Rush Limbaugh’s cruel, sick attacks on Clinton daughter Chelsea. This isn’t Clinton’s first rodeo with bitter white guys who have a lot to prove to protect their delicate egos.

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