Jewish Leaders Stand Up Against Bigotry and Hate By Demanding That Google Dump Trump

The group Bend the Arc: Jewish Partnership for Justice is taking action to pressure Google into dumping Trump by ending their sponsorship of the Republican convention.

The organization Bend the Arc: Jewish Partnership for Justice is co-sponsoring a plane that will fly over Google’s campus and the Bay Area with a banner that will read, “GOOGLE: DON’T BE EVIL! #DUMPTRUMP”

“American Jews and other communities of faith will not stand by silently while political candidates use bigoted, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric,” said Jason Kimelman-Block, Director of Bend the Arc Jewish Action. “Google and other leading corporations should be opposing this hatred and extremism, not endorsing it. We join Americans across the country in calling for Google to drop its sponsorship of the Republican National Convention for as long as the party’s leading presidential candidate continues to promote hate on the campaign trail.”

Corporations are under increasing pressure from concerned citizens and consumers to not donate or sponsor the Republican convention if Donald Trump is the party’s nominee. Businesses can no longer get away with funding a platform for individuals like Donald Trump, who spread hatred and bigotry against Muslims, immigrants, women, and the disabled.

Any company that supports a Republican convention that is headlined by Trump will pay a heavy price, and as the actions of Bend The Arc Jewish Action demonstrate the cost will be more than financial. There is a moral argument to be made against supporting any company that donates to the Republican convention. Donald Trump is spreading hatred, and any company which associates with Trump should be viewed as endorsing his hate speech.

The pressure is on Google to do the right thing. They have a choice to make. Google can either take a stand against hatred and bigotry, or they can endorse and support it by sponsoring the Republican convention.