MSNBC Betrays Viewers By Giving Trump A Platform For Ugly Sexist Attack On Clinton

zMSNBC’s Morning Joe quietly sat by and enabled Donald Trump to launch an ugly and sexist attack against Hillary Clinton.

Trump was asked about Clinton pushing back on the accusation that she is playing the “woman card” by supporting equal pay, healthcare for women and family leave, and he responded with a disgusting attack.


Trump said, “Well I haven’t quite recovered, it’s early in the morning, from her shouting that message. And I know a lot of people would say, ‘you can’t say that about a woman.’ Because of course a woman doesn’t shout. But the way she shouted that message was not but I just that’s the way she said it. I guess I’ll have to get used to a lot of that over the next four or five months.”

Mika Brzezinski asked Trump about issues pertaining to women, and got this for an answer, “We’re going to do very will with Hillary and with women when we start that process against her. I don’t even know if it is going to be Hillary.”

Joe Scarborough pushed back in the mildest of ways by pointing out that Bernie Sanders shouts his message too. Trump ignored Scarborough, because it is okay for men to shout messages, and talked about how he is going to steal Sanders’ criticisms of Clinton and use them in the fall.

No one on Morning Joe challenged Trump by pointing out that he shouts his message daily at every campaign event that he holds. Ted Cruz shouts his message. John Kasich shouts his message.

Morning Joe not only gave Trump a platform for his sexist attack, but they enabled the attack by not doing seriously pushing back. There are few industries that are sexist than the media. Male television news personalities are considered distinguished as they age, but women are fired and replaced by younger women as they get older, so it isn’t shocking that there would be so little pushback to Trump’s attacks.

MSNBC betrayed their viewers by irresponsibly giving Trump a platform for his hate speech, but all of the cable networks have a problem.

Cable news has been a willing partner in the Trump media machine, which means that they share the responsibility for Donald Trump’s message of sexism, hate, division, and bigotry.

Viewers deserve better than what they got from MSNBC during the Trump interview.