A Former Secretary Of State Just Eviscerated Trump’s Incoherent Foreign Policy Speech

Former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright tore apart Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech to reveal the incoherent ramblings of a dangerous man who hides his lies and inconsistencies behind simple slogans.

In a conference call with reporters, former Sec. of State Madeline Albright said:

I’ve gotten to listen to a lot of foreign policy speeches over the years, and in fact have given a few myself, and I was hoping to hear something that made sense. But I’ve got to tell you; I’ve never seen such a combination of simplistic slogans, contradictions, and misstatements in one speech. What Donald Trump’s goal today may have been was to convince us that he can be presidential, but instead of doing that he just underscored the fact that he is running the most reckless and dangerous presidential campaign in modern history.

I found many things troubling, but three that I think are worth pointing out. First, as his advisors pointed out, there were no details in the speech, and instead, we heard a lot tough talk and simplistic slogans and empty promises. Second, it was incoherent and riddled with contradictions. I can’t list every example, but there were a few which stand out. He talked about regaining the trust of our allies while in effect promising to blackmail them in terms of supporting us. If you don’t help us, we don’t help you kind of talk. He then talked about the importance of Western values but questioned why we would think about supporting democracy in other countries. Then, I think the one that really made the least sense of all. He said he would work with Muslims to fight terrorism, but he has already alienated them with proposals to block them from coming into the country.

What I think was most troubling in this speech was the flat out dangerous ideas that he continues to embrace. His foreign policy slogan of America first is so clearly, maybe he’s never read history, or he doesn’t understand it. But he clearly didn’t understand what the America Firsters used to talk about was that there wasn’t any Nazi threat to American interests. If he keeps talking about American interests, but still recalling America Firsters, that is a mega contradiction.

His main message was that we need to be more unpredictable as a nation. Now, in fact, unpredictability is the only thing that you can count on if Donald Trump is our Commander in Chief. But do you actually want somebody unpredictable with the nuclear codes?

Former Sec. of State Albright was correct. Trump demonstrated that he was the exact opposite of presidential. The Republican frontrunner provided ample evidence that he is not fit to be president. Trump said that he has a plan to fight ISIS, but that it is a secret. Trump’s entire speech failed to pass the basic test of common sense. Donald Trump doesn’t have a foreign policy agenda. He has sales pitches and slogans.

The thought of Donald Trump leading the military should frighten every single American voter, and it is guarantee that Sec. Albright won’t be the last foreign policy expert to denounce Donald Trump.