No Matter How Insane the GOP Gets, the Mainstream Media Ignores It

So big-time Trump ally Roger Stone, who just got caught heavily plagiarizing an anti-Cruz article published in the Daily Caller, is using his new-found reputation for trustworthiness to warn that the elections might be canceled because the guy who would stoop to anything thinks “they’re capable of anything.”

The behavior of Trump’s supporters won’t make it on the mainstream news, but then Trump’s own behavior barely makes it on the mainstream news because they’d prefer to just let him talk and attack everybody than analyze what he says.

The Cruz campaign – long marked by a B-movie creepiness factor – has detoured into Reservoir Dog territory with Fiorina’s singing. Trump and Kasich with their bizarre eating ritual offer nothing more wholesome for observers. Try as you might to ignore it, the gag factor is ratcheting steadily upward. We have probably never, in the entire history of presidential campaigns, seen such an incomprehensible spectacle as we are being treated to now.

And Cruz, who thinks President Obama wields unconstitutional powers and who castigates the Constitutionally-appointed Supreme Court is out of bounds when it does its constitutionally-appointed job, thinks he, if elected, has the power to imprison people, saying (this time, without anyone breaking into song), “I’ve got slightly different government housing in mind for her.”

If ever a man did not understand how government works despite spending a lifetime within it, it is Ted Cruz. He may not be the outsider he claims to be, but he has the mentality of one.

Then there is the bathroom obsession. As Stephen Colbert told GOP lawmakers, “You’re the weirdos.” Because, as Colbert pointed out, when normal people go into a bathroom, they studiously avoid gaining any knowledge of their neighbors’ equipment. Men at urinals don’t look left or right; they look straight ahead. Are you really curious, seated in a stall, to wonder why your neighbor is seated?

Colbert nailed it:

“To all those lawmakers out there who are so obsessed with who’s using what bathroom and what plumbing they’ve got downtown—newsflash: You’re the weirdos.”

Many times over. Just as the litany, many times over, reeks of weirdness. From Beyoncé apparently having the power to destroy America all by herself (go figure, she is black and she has breasts and probably worse, a Republican-eating vagina), to Indiana being so important a place that should it vote any other direction than Cruz and a singing Fiorina, “We lose freedom for all mankind.”

Just ask Glenn Beck. But he will ask you why nobody is talking about it.

The GOP obsession with sex has to be the creepiest element, however, over and above any kind of weird pancake eating controversy. Or Michele Bachmann’s creepy husband eating a corn dog.

According to Bryan Fischer, Target has turned itself into a cheap motel because Target doesn’t care what your gender is so you can do all those things together you can’t do anywhere else, apparently, never mind that teenagers never have a problem finding places to have sex, especially in Red States.

Fischer exhibits a prurient fascination with what teenagers are doing with bodies that are not his,

“So…you start seeing the permutation, all the different angles this thing can take, none of which are good, none of which are healthy, none of which are good for the family, none of which are good for sexual integrity and all that kind of thing and, you know, we’ve just sort of scratched the surface of the number of ways these policies can be twisted and perverted for purposes which are not good for anybody.”

Or you could think about Bryan Fischer thinking about teenagers having sex and vomit. Coach Dave Daubenmire, on the other hand, is fascinated by the possibility of your teenage daughters being violated in Target restrooms. More vomit. And probably these guys are bigger dangers to your teenage daughters than anyone they’re likely to run into in a Target restroom.

Fortunately, Daubenmire and his creepy obsession were escorted out of Target by a policeman.

There has never been anything like this. It is farcical, it is outrageous, and the mainstream media just takes it in stride if they report it at all, and they mostly don’t. They didn’t even happen to mention that the people behind the Target boycott are a hate group. That’s some persecution of Christians taking place in this country, isn’t it?

It’s one for the record books. All the Republican antics we are seeing are not likely to end soon, because they get away with it. Nobody is calling them on it, nobody is demanding that Republican rhetoric have at least a passing resemblance to our shared reality. The mainstream media just shrugs and pretends like it’s relevant when it’s not.

What we are left with is a movie ten times as bad as Battlefield Earth while on an acid trip that won’t end, but with the consequence that when the movie ends, the sea levels might be lapping around your nostrils and the air we breathe a poisonous fume right out of Mordor.

Doesn’t it make you kind of wish aliens were running our planet? We already have somebody evil. You could at least understand why aliens don’t get it.