Microsoft Dumps Trump And Will Only Donate Cash To The Democratic Convention

Microsoft has become the latest company to make it clear that they do not want their name on Donald Trump’s convention by stating that they will only be donating cash to the Democratic convention.

Microsoft announced in a blog post that while their products and technology will be used at both conventions, they are only sponsoring activities at the Democratic convention:

A year ago, we started identifying the places where Microsoft technology could help this important part of the democratic process operate smoothly. Based on our conversations with the Republican National Convention’s host committee and committee on arrangements, we decided last fall to provide a variety of Microsoft technology products and services instead of making a cash donation. For the Democratic National Convention, we’re providing access to similar Microsoft technology as well as some sponsorship of host committee activities. The Microsoft technology for both conventions includes Office 365, Azure, Surface and other products.

Microsoft decided last fall that they didn’t want their name on what could potentially be Donald Trump’s Republican convention. Some will suggest that Microsoft should not allow their products to be used at the convention, but I view Microsoft’s decision not to donate any cash to the GOP convention as a victory for those who don’t want corporations funding the Republican convention.

Donald Trump is toxic that Microsoft did not want to tarnish their brand by funding his convention. If corporate sponsors continue to flee the GOP, the Republican convention might end up nominating Donald Trump at a convention sponsored by Trump.

Piece by piece, Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party.

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