Trump thousands of Sanders Supporters cause rally violence

Trump Throws Racist Tantrum Calling Hispanic Protesters Thugs And Criminals

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:56 pm

Donald Trump has responded to the protesters in California, many of whom were Hispanic, by calling them thugs and criminals.

Thursday night’s protests were in response to a Trump rally in Costa Mesa, CA which is one-third Hispanic. Hispanic and non-Hispanic citizens alike have been protesting Trump’s campaign of bigotry and racism.

Donald Trump responded to the protests against his platform of building a wall along the US Southern border, deporting 11 million Mexican immigrants, and banning Muslims from entering the United States by doubling down on his racism.

Trump tweeted on Saturday:

Republicans can’t win the presidential election without more support from Hispanic voters, so they are in the process of nominating the one candidate who will definitely never vote for Donald Trump.

Trump has motivated Hispanics to register to vote at historic levels. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, Hispanics are registering to vote against Trump.

Just a reminder that this is the new “presidential” version of Donald Trump, and surprise, Trump 2.0 is still a bigot and a racist.

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