Fox News tells Donald Trump he can't win

Fox News Looks Donald Trump In The Eye And Tells Him That He Can’t Win In November

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace looked Donald Trump in the eye and told him that he can’t win in November with his terrible approval rating with Hispanics.


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Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: But, Mr. Trump, it isn’t just as you say professional agitators. You’ve angered a lot of people in this country beyond even the illegal immigrants. In a recent poll, 15 percent of Hispanic voters have a favorable view of you, 81 percent unfavorable.

I don’t have to tell you, you cannot win in November with those numbers.

TRUMP: Well, I say those numbers are going way up once I start going. I have two more people I have to get rid of, I started off with 17, and one by one I knocked them off. I knocked off Jeb Bush who was easy. I knocked off Walker. I knocked off a lot of very talented people, and frankly I have to — you know, I have to do what I have to do.

Now once I start on Hillary, you’ll see the numbers change. I mean, look, when I started this, everybody said, well, he’s not — I’m not a professional politician, which is a good thing, by the way, but it’s true. But one by one I won and now —


WALLACE: But how about this 81 —

TRUMP: Watch what happens with Hillary and watch what happens with my numbers. I’ve been hit with 55,000 negative ads, 55,000, over $100 million of negative ads. Kasich hasn’t been hit with one ad. I mean, he is not going anywhere anyway, frankly. But he wasn’t — he hasn’t been hit with an ad, and neither is Cruz.

I’ve been hit with 55,000 ads and I’m still leading in a landslide, and I think doing really well — and as you probably have seen, I’m doing really well in Indiana. And one more thing, the last two polls that have came out have me tied with Hillary, one has me winning.

Donald Trump’s response to being told that he can’t win in November if Hispanics and women continue to disapprove of him at such high levels was to ignore reality.

Trump isn’t listening and doesn’t care about what the voters want or say. Trump believes that he can spend six months running around the country screaming crooked Hillary while promising to make America great and he will be elected the next President Of The United States. Trump is so wrapped in his own ego that he is not living on the same planet as the rest of us.

Fox News tried to puncture the fantasy world of Donald Trump, but all that Chris Wallace got in return was empty promises of how Trump will beat Hillary Clinton.

Here is a newsflash for Trump. Hillary Clinton isn’t Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and the other clowns that Trump beat in the Republican primary. Hillary Clinton is at a whole different level. It took a candidate as gifted as Barack Obama to beat Clinton in 2008, and Trump is no Obama.

Fox News and the rest of the GOP better run for the life rafts, because Donald J. Trump is the unsinkable Republican Titanic, who is so blinded by the fog of his own arrogance that he doesn’t see the gigantic Clinton iceberg waiting to sink him.

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