Hillary Clinton Puts Paul Ryan’s Sham Poverty Concern To Shame With Appalachia Tour

While Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is talking about poverty while attempting to slash programs for the poor, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton will be speaking about the real issues that are confronting the poor during a two-day driving tour of Appalachia.

In a statement, the Clinton campaign described the tour:

On Monday, May 2, Hillary Clinton will launch her “Breaking Down Barriers” tour with a two-day driving tour (welcome back Scooby van) through Kentucky and West Virginia, culminating on Tuesday, May 3 in the Southeastern Ohio border region with a speech on jobs and the economy. In her remarks in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, Clinton said, “I want you to keep imagining a tomorrow where instead of building walls, we are breaking down barriers. We are making it more likely that Americans will be part of a prosperous, inclusive, decent society.”​

On this tour, Clinton will meet with voters, hear their stories, and discuss how she will fight to raise incomes and expand opportunities for them and their families as president. The trip will underscore Clinton’s focus on the aspirations and needs of families, especially in often overlooked or underserved communities across the country, and what they are looking for in their next president.

Clinton will go to Ashland, KY, Williamson, WV, and Athens, OH to discuss jobs and the economy. She will be going to the communities who are underserved, and instead of bringing vague​ rhetoric about caring, Hillary Clinton has actual policies and plans.

Compare what Hillary Clinton is doing to the empty talk of Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan’s plan to fight poverty is nothing more than a scam that would take money away from poor people and give it corporations. Nearly two months ago, Ryan announced the creation of a GOP poverty task force that was loaded with Republicans who have voted to cut aid to the poor.

Speaker Ryan isn’t interested in helping poor people get better jobs. Ryan doesn’t want to take steps to raise wages. Instead, the Speaker of the House is talking about poverty while trying to redistribute wealth upwards to make the lives of those who are struggling to get by even more difficult.

Paul Ryan says one thing while doing another, but Hillary Clinton is putting Ryan to shame by offering some of the hardest working Americans a path to a better economic future instead of trying to saw the rungs of the ladder of economic success out from under them.

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