60% Of Americans Agree With One Of The Most Liberal Pieces Of Hillary Clinton’s Agenda


One of the most liberal pieces of Hillary Clinton’s agenda is making child care more affordable and universal preschool for all children. According to a Gallup poll, 59% of Americans agree with Clinton on preschool and child care.Hillary Clinton has made it her goal to provide affordable quality preschool for every 4-year-old child in the United States. Clinton has also called for a doubling of a budget to Head Start, and she has stated that she wants every American child from age 0 to 3 to have access to quality child care.

It turns out that that Clinton’s positions are supported by the large majority of Americans.

Gallup found wide support 59%-36%) for Clinton’s plans:

Americans’ initial reaction to providing free early childhood education is positive, with the majority agreeing with this proposal. And while support is highest among women (65%), young adults (70%) and those living in lower-income households (69%), the demographic counterparts to these groups are also more likely to agree than disagree with the proposal.

The poll does find sharp differences on the basis of party identification: Just 36% of Republicans and independents who lean Republican favor it, compared with 81% of Democrats and independents who lean Democratic. However, even among Republicans and Republican leaners, less than half disagree outright with the proposal.


In contrast, the country was split (47%-45%) on the Bernie Sanders plan of free tuition for all.

Hillary Clinton’s goals for early childhood education and child care are very liberal. It seems that the only people who oppose them are Republicans because Republicans appear to be opposed to all forms of public education no matter how young the child may be.

Clinton has been in a difficult position throughout the 2016 campaign. Those who oppose her in the Democratic primary do so because they feel that she is not liberal enough while Republicans criticize Hillary Clinton for being left winger that will finish the work of “destroying America” that President Obama started.

On these issues, Hillary Clinton may not be too liberal or too conservative. Judging by the polling, she has her finger on the pulse of the country.