Money For Nothing: Senate Republicans Get Paid But Work The Fewest Days In 60 Years

Mitch McConnell Republicans aren’t satisfied with not doing their jobs while they’re in session. Majority Leader McConnell also has Senate Republicans working their fewest days in 60 years.

Politico reported:

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has worked painstakingly to craft an identity that’s distinct from the raucous presidential contest — one built on stability and passage of legislation the Democrats couldn’t get through when they controlled the Senate.

But the chamber is on pace to work the fewest days in 60 years, the party continues to insist it won’t act on President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, and Republicans’ ballyhooed strategy to shepherd all dozen spending bills through the chamber is in serious trouble.

Here is what the lightest schedule in 60 years looks like on a calendar:


All of those black lines represent days and weeks when the Senate is not in session. One has to go back to 1956 to find a Senate that was in session for fewer days than the current Senate is on pace for. The Senate will only be in session for 124 days.

Senators will getting their full pay checks but here is what they won’t be doing:

1). Holding hearings on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

2). Holding a vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

3). Voting to confirm the dozens of judges that Mitch McConnell has obstructed.

4). Passing appropriations bills to fund the government.

Republicans Senators are the Dire Straights classic come to life. Mitch McConnell and Senate majority are getting money for nothing.