Hillary Clinton Needs Just 128 Words To Annihilate Donald Trump

The destruction of Donald Trump began with a 128-word statement from the Clinton campaign that perfectly summed up why Republicans may be doomed.

Clinton campaign chair John Podesta said in a statement:

Fundamentally, our next president will need to do two things: keep our nation safe in a dangerous world and help working families get ahead here at home. Donald Trump is not prepared to do either. Throughout this campaign, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he’s too divisive and lacks the temperament to lead our nation and the free world. With so much at stake, Donald Trump is simply too big of a risk. Hillary Clinton has proven that she has the strength to keep us safe in an uncertain world and a lifelong record of fighting to break down the barriers–economic and social–that hold working families back. While Donald Trump seeks to bully and divide Americans, Hillary Clinton will unite us to create an economy that works for everyone.

The Clinton argument against Trump is that he isn’t prepared to be president. He lacks the temperament to be president. Trump is too divisive to be president, and electing Donald J. Trump would be a risk that America can’t afford to take.

With one paragraph, the Clinton campaign completely cuts the legs out from under Donald Trump. What is Trump supposed to run on if he lacks experience, temperament, and the ability to unite the country? Trump has no economic record or record of public service. He has never served the people in any way.

The Clinton campaign is built for a general election. The Clinton team is going to attack Trump in the most fundamental ways. They are going to discredit the very foundation of his campaign, and they will relentless in carrying out their task.

Compare Trump’s failure of a victory speech with the statement that the Clinton campaign released and it is easy to see that Republicans are in big trouble. The same candidate who was ready to sue his Republican opponents over negative ads during the primary is going to be running against Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton isn’t going to take Trump lightly, and they are wasting no time laying the foundation for what they hope will be a victory in November.