Hillary Clinton Just Went On National TV And Basically Called Trump A Clueless Insult Machine

With surgical precision, Hillary Clinton tore Donald Trump to shreds and pointed out on national television that Trump is nothing more than a clueless insult comic.


Transcript via MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

CLINTON: Well, he has given no indication that he understands the gravity of the responsibilities that go with being commander-in-chief. And that will be a big part of my campaign because, at some point, he’s going to have to be held to the standard we hold anybody running for president and commander-in-chief. What is it you know? What is it you’ve done? What is it you are proposing to do as president and commander-in-chief? So far we haven’t seen any of that.

We’ve seen a lot of rhetoric, we’ve seen a lot of insults. He’s an equal opportunity insulter. But when it comes down to making this really important decision, it’s been my experience that people in our country say to themselves, wait a minute, what do I think is the best choice, the best choice for me, for my family, for my jobs, my income, my future. And I think that absent some major change in how he is presenting himself and what he is saying, that’s going to be a pretty high bar for him to get over.

The Clinton campaign couldn’t have scripted a better general opponent for their candidate than Donald Trump. Clinton was correct. Trump is treating his campaign like it is a reality television show. He never talks about governing with any sort of realism. All Donald Trump has offered America is an endless sales pitch about the greatness of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton is talking about the issues that matter to ordinary Americans while Donald Trump is rambling on about building walls and deporting Muslims. Trump’s foreign policy address was a farce that contained no policy. Trump’s tax plan is scam that is really a $3.2 trillion tax cut for millionaires.

Trump is completely clueless, and he will be exposed for the fraud that he is during the presidential debates in the fall.