The Republican Party Has Officially Surrendered To Trump After Ted Cruz Drops Out

Ted Cruz’s exit from the Republican race was the official white flag surrender of the Republican Party to Donald Trump.

The Republican Party belongs to Donald Trump now. The effort to make Ted Cruz the candidate who stops Trump has ended in the same way as the efforts to make Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio the party’s Trump killers did. Ted Cruz never stood a snowball’s chance of stopping Donald Trump. As soon as Cruz became the establishment, Trump used the same line of attack against the Senator from Texas that he had used against Bush and Rubio.

A Trump-led Republican Party is one that is almost certain to lose in November. Trump at the top of the ticket could mean complete disaster for Republicans who are running down ballot. The Republican Party knew this, yet they could not stop Donald Trump.

Trump understood that the Republican Party was weak and lacked leadership. He saw an opportunity to seize the party for his own benefit, and the party proved him correct by being completely unprepared and inept in their efforts to stop him. After Trump had rolled to a big win in the Indiana primary, the party admitted defeat and gave up.

The whims and moods of the unfit for office billionaire are now the winds that will guide the former Party of Lincoln. The Republican Party has been in a death spiral for years, and Donald Trump has arrived to play the Grim Reaper.

The Republican Party is now Trump Party.