Ted Cruz Flips Out And Blasts Fox News For Being The Donald Trump Network

In his quest to find anybody to blame for his losing to Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is aiming his wrath at Fox News.


During a press conference in Indiana, Sen. Cruz said, “There is a broader dynamic at work, which is network executives have made a decision to get behind Donald Trump. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes of Fox News have turned Fox News into the Donald Trump network, 24/7/ Now, Rupert Murdoch is used to picking world leaders in Australia and the United Kingdom running tabloids, and we’re seeing it here at home and the consequences for this nation. Media executives are trying to convince Hoosiers, trying to convince Americans that the race is decided. You have no choice. You are stuck between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Either one of which is a horrific choice for this country. And I will say the cynicism. And Donald’s playing on the cynicism. He lets the media act as though he can’t be beat. You know what? Hoosiers can prove that wrong.”

Ted Cruz flipped out in Indiana because it dawned on him that he is losing to a reality television star. Sen. Cruz was looking for someone or something to blame for the fact that his traditional campaign is being routed by a guy who spends most of his campaign time phoning into cable news shows and tweeting.

In typical conservative fashion, Cruz has settled on blaming the media for his lack of success.

I don’t know if I have ever written this before, but Ted Cruz was partially right.

The media has been selling Trump because Donald Trump is the perfect presidential candidate for a corporate media establishment that is more interested in profits and entertainment than informing their viewers with facts.

Ever since Trump made peace with Fox News, the network has been doing more pushing of Trump’s candidacy.

Cruz was correct, but the media isn’t the reason why he is losing to Trump. The real reason is that he is Ted Cruz. Voters don’t like him. His own colleagues dislike him, and in general, Ted Cruz is unlikable.