Ted Cruz Quits The Presidential Race After Getting Crushed In Indiana By Trump

After getting crushed by Donald Trump in Indiana, Ted Cruz gave up and dropped out of the presidential race.

From Carly Fiorina’s introduction where she spoke in past tense about how they came together to save their party, it was possible that Cruz was quitting the presidential race.

Cruz came out to address the crowd and discussed how he has fought to protect rights. Sen. Cruz said America is hopeful and optimistic, not boastful and mean spirited. Sen. Cruz talked about his parents’ biography. Cruz did the usual Republican name drop of Reagan on his way out the door. Sen. Cruz attacked the “Obama-Clinton” foreign policy, and sounded a lot like he was resuming his campaign to be Donald Trump’s VP, but that ship sailed after Trump nicknamed Cruz “Lyin’Ted.”

If this speech was supposed to be Ted Cruz’s shining moment on the national stage, it flopped badly. Sen. Cruz accused America of being on a path to creeping socialism that incentivizes dependency. Ted Cruz revived his Obamacare lies and argued that fighting progress is the fight of his generation.

Cruz framed his well-funded campaign as an underdog effort that has inspired a movement. Sen. Cruz thanked his supporters and called them incredible patriots who fought to save the nation. Since Cruz is dropping out, does that mean that they failed, and America is doomed?

Cruz said, “Tonight, I’m sorry to say it appears that that path has been foreclosed.” Cruz said the voters chose another path and said that he is suspending his campaign.

With that, the Republican Party surrendered, and Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee.