While Drinking A Glass Of Flint Water, Obama Ripped The Heart Out Of The Republican Party

President Obama didn’t just drink the water in Flint. Obama ripped the heart of the failed small government ideology of the Republican Party.


Obama said, “It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how responsible you are, how you raise your kids. You can’t set up a whole water system for a city. That’s not something you do by yourself. You do it with other people. You can’t hire your own fire department or your own police force, or your own army. They’re things we have to do together. Basic things that we all benefit from.”

President Obama attacked the heart of small government ideology, “Volunteers don’t build water systems and keep lead from leaching into our drinking glasses. We can’t rely on faith groups to reinforce bridges and repave runways at the airport. We can’t ask second graders, even ones as patriotic as Isiah Britt, who raised all that money, to raise enough money to keep our kids healthy. You hear a lot about government overreach. Oh, Obama, he’s for big government. Listen, it’s not government overreach to say our government’s responsible for making sure that you can wash your hands in your own sink, or shower in your own home, or cook for your family. These are the most basic services. There’s no more basic element sustaining human life than water. It’s not too much to expect for all Americans that their water is going to be safe.”

Obama went to Flint and laid out a comprehensive vision for not just solving the water crisis, but reviving a city. The President’s speech was a rejection of the small government Republican ideology that caused the Flint water crisis. Obama’s point was that the people of Flint were poisoned because Republicans placed money ahead of community.

This president went to Flint, not to just discuss one city in crisis, but to condemn the ideology of the governor and his party that created the crisis.

Flint isn’t just a water crisis. The poisoning of Flint children was the consequence of failed Republican ideology.

President Obama didn’t just drink the water in Flint. He rebuked those who poisoned the water in the name of small government.