NBC Shows Their Pro-Trump Bias By Broadcasting Nightly News Live From Trump Tower

NBC gave Democrats a taste of the pro-Trump bias that they will be facing by broadcasting the NBC Nightly News from Trump Tower.

Here was the excited announcement from NBC News:

Why is NBC News going to Trump Tower to interview Trump? NBC’s 30 Rock headquarters are located six blocks from Trump Tower. NBC News is going to Trump Tower to kiss the ring of the Republican nominee. The Nightly News broadcast isn’t about the news. It’s about helping Donald Trump promote the spectacle of his candidacy.

Any Democrat who thinks that Hillary Clinton is going to get fair coverage from the corporate media is mistaken. The media is going above and beyond their previous levels of bias for Donald Trump. The bias is reflected in the extreme about of free airtime that the networks give to Donald Trump. Before he quit the presidential race, Ted Cruz complained that Fox News had become the Donald Trump Network.
If the problem were limited to Fox News, it would be more understandable. The entire corporate media has sold itself out to Donald Trump. The bias for Trump is overwhelming. Trump is the media’s dream candidate. He never talks about substance. He never says anything thoughtful, and he has brought tabloid level entertainment to politics.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to beat Donald Trump. She has also to defeat a corporate media that is the biggest enabler and promoter of the Trump campaign.