Republicans Devastated As 13% Of Ted Cruz Supporters Will Vote For Clinton Over Trump

A new poll revealed that it might be impossible for Donald Trump to unify the Republican Party as 13% of Ted Cruz’s supporters say they will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

According to the latest Morning Consult poll, “Sixty-two percent of Cruz supporters say they would support Trump against Clinton, while 13 percent say they would back Clinton. Twenty-five percent of Cruz supporters said they don’t know or had no opinion on whom they’d support in a Clinton and Trump matchup.”

Sen. Cruz’s supporters can’t stand Trump. Donald Trump has a 29% approval rating with Cruz supporters and a 69% unfavorable rating. Most of Cruz’s supporters will vote for Trump, but there is going to be a sizable defection of Cruz backers to Hillary Clinton.

Trump has shown no willingness to unite the Republican Party. During a speech at the California Republican Convention, Trump said, “It’s coming to an end, and I think it is coming to an end soon, and I speak to the people in this room because there has to be unity in our party. There has to be unity. And if there not, if there’s not unity. I mean really good solidarity, unity, relationship, friendship. We have people like Jim where they do such a good job all over the country. We have some great people, but there should be, and there has to be unity. With that being said, would I win? Can I win without it? I think so.”

Donald Trump expects Republicans to automatically unify around him, but if we have learned anything about the Republican Party over the past eight years, it’s that the GOP is incapable of unifying around anything. The Republican Party isn’t going to unify Trump.

One would suspect that Cruz supporters would have zero interest in voting for Hillary Clinton, so the news that a sizable number of Cruz supporters say that they will support her in the fall is devastating to the Republican Party.

If Clinton can pull 13% of Cruz’s supporters in November, Democrats could find themselves with a bigger victory than anyone is currently imagining is possible.

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