Hillary Clinton Begins The General Election Leading Trump In Every Swing State

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton begins the 2016 general election campaign against Donald Trump with leads in every 2016 swing state.

HuffPost Pollster calculations show Clinton with a lead in every state that could swing the 2016 election:


Clinton leads Trump in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New York. Obviously, these poll numbers will change, but the early data demonstrates that Hillary Clinton has an immense amount of wiggle room and multiple paths to the presidency.

Some of the states listed are not swing states. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are blue states. The idea that Trump will be able to swing them with a wave of working class white voters is more of media fantasy/Republican desperate hope.

Clinton’s lead in some of these states is small. She only leads by an aggregate three points in Ohio and two points in North Carolina. It is a safe bet that both of those states will be top priorities for the Clinton campaign. The White House isn’t won in May, but the Republican Party has no strategy for getting Trump elected outside of endlessly bashing Hillary Clinton.

Republicans are campaigning on a vote for me because I’m not the Democrat platform. This is a great strategy in the red state South, but as Mitt Romney demonstrated in 2012, it fails spectacularly on the national level. Republicans have saddled themselves with the most unpopular nominee in the history of modern presidential elections.

Republicans can’t run on Trump, so they will be running against Clinton.

The early polling suggested that their Clinton bashing strategy is destined to fail.