Donald Trump Is Preparing A 4 Day Train Wreck Convention That Will Destroy The GOP

With most top elected Republicans refusing to come within a hundred miles of the Donald Trump’s Republican convention in Cleveland, Trump is planning on turning the official nominating process into Trump fest where he will speak every night of the event.

On Bloomberg’s Masters in Politics podcast, Donald Trump senior adviser Barry Bennett outlined a plan for Trump to speak on each night of the Republican convention, “Our team will be headed out [to Cleveland] next week or the week after to get our first kind of update of what’s going on. But I think when it comes to the program a lot of us feel that we could juice up the format just a little. More entertaining, more interesting. I don’t know why the candidate only speaks on acceptance night, why shouldn’t he speak every night from a different city? How come we are not doing broadcasts on Facebook or Google, why are we just relying on 45 minutes of network television time.”

In other words, Trump is going to turn the Republican convention into an infomercial. What makes the Trump campaign think that America wants to see more Donald Trump? There is a reason why the nominee only speaks on the last night of the convention. By having the nominee speak last, and only once, the party is guaranteed a major news event.

If Trump addresses the convention on each night, the American people and the media will lose interest. Donald Trump doesn’t vary his speeches much, so the country will quickly tune out four nights of Trump chanting build the wall and babbling about whatever else pops into his head.

One senses that it will be nearly impossible for the Republican Party to recover from what Trump is planning on doing to it. Donald Trump is going to use his international platform in Cleveland to destroy the GOP.

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