Elizabeth Warren Beats Trump At His Own Game And Is Living In His Head Rent Free

Elizabeth Warren decimated bully Donald Trump and left the pathetic presumptive Republican nominee hurling childish insults as she cut the man that that will lead the GOP ticket in November down to size.
Sen. Warren took to Twitter and tore apart Donald Trump after the Republican became the presumptive GOP nominee, and on Friday night she returned to continue the job.

Warren tweeted:

Trump shot back with some generic and pathetic tweets:

Trump had nothing but the same attacks that completely failed Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race against Warren. Trump was supposed to be some sort of master of Twitter, but he is getting completely owned by Sen. Warren. Trump has no response to Warren, except to use his generic lines about weakness, and a talking point that he picked up from watching Fox News.

Warren is exposing Trump as a complete bully, who can dish it out, but he can’t take it. She was correct. No one stood up to Trump in the Republican primaries. When confronted by Sen. Warren, Donald Trump was helpless and revealed to be all bluster and no bite.

Democrats are going to have a field day with Trump because the man who has built his entire campaign on strength is nothing more than weak fraud.